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Education and Other

Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY
Graduated December 2005
Degree: Computer Science
GPA: 3.0

Judge for Stony Brook University's annual game programming competition - 2006 thru 2022

Relevant Courses

Artificial Intelligence (Learning Algorithms)

Advanced Game Programming (DirectX in C# and RenderWare in C)
* Programming of 3D games, DirectX, and games played over a LAN or the internet
* Projects included Tankers, Fire Runner and Dodger.

Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
* Created a 3D mesh viewer. Created a short 3D game as final group project.

Topics in Computer Science: Game Programming (DirectX in C++)
* Course focused on programming 2D games using DirectX.
* First project was a remake of an older game. Super Mario Bros. Remake.
* Lead programmer on second project: Made an original game (Sludge Crawler).
* Led team to win first annual Stony Brook University gaming contest.
* Brought the project from beta to completion and submitted to the IGF before having it published by Man!festo Games.

Teaching Assistant to Topics in Computer Science: Game Programming (Spring 05)


Clubs and Organizations

Stony Brook Computer Science Society (Stony Brook chapter of the ACM)
* Member 4.5 years • Treasurer 2 years

I-CON (The northeast US's largest convention of science fiction, fact & fantasy)
* Electronic Gaming Track Leader for I-CON 24.Duties: Organized various events, talks and gaming room
* Volunteer staff for I-CON 21 & 22