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Super Mario Bros. Remake


Download Super Mario Bros. Remake

System Requirements:
Windows Operating System
DirectX 8.1 or above

F1 (Splashscreen) - Toggle Player: Mario, Luigi, Link, Samus
F2 (Splashscreen) - Toggle Level: Mushroom Kingdom Outdoors, Under the Mushroom Kingdom, Inside Boswer's Castle, Coin Heaven, Hyrule, Brinstar, Planet Mobius
Spacebar (Splashscreen) - Start Game
Esc (Splashscreen) - Quit Game
Left Arrow - Move leftward
Right Arrow - Move rightward
X Button - Jump
Z Button (Hold) - Run
P Button - Toggle Pause
Ctrl + Q - Quit to the Splashscreen
Ctrl + N - Restart New Game
Ctrl + A - About
F1 - Help

Download Super Mario Bros. Remake

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