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Download Tankers

System Requirements:
Windows Operating System
DirectX 9.0 or above

This demo is a mod.
I added the following:
Working collision detection
Most of the particle systems
Blinky, Pinky, Inky (Non-player tanks with AI) and Clyde (Rabbit with AI)
Decals on walls when shot
Powerups and their effects
Camera angle change near walls

Fog Cube - Lays fog over the field for 30 seconds
Snowball - Makes it snow for 30 seconds
Teapot - Gives a speed boost to the one who picks it up for 30 seconds
Clyde - Clyde the bunny is faster than the tanks, but when shot he drops a powerup with double the time duration
Powerup Stacking - If you get a powerup while it's effect is already active, it adds to the duration rather than resetting it
Example - If there is 10 seconds left of snow and you get a snowball, there will be 40 seconds left of snow

You gain 5 points for shooting a tank, and they lose 1 point
If you shoot a tank while it's blue, it gains 1 point and your score stays the same
When a tank is shot while non-blue, it returns to it's spawn point and becomes blue for a short duration

Left Mouse button - Spray Hose
Up Arrow/Right mouse button - Move Forward
Down Arrow/Left shift - Move Backward
Left Arrow/A button - Strafe Left
Right Arrow/S button - Strafe Right
Ctrl/C button - Crouch
Spacebar - Jump
F1 - Help menu
Esc - Quit the application

Download Tankers

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