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Imagine: Soccer Captain


Powerhead Games
15 West 28th St, Suite 400, NY, NY 10001
2/06 - 5/09

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: August 11, 2009

System: Nintendo DS

My Role: Programming

Game Summary: Now you can be a part of a winning soccer team with Olympic gold-medalist Mia Hamm as your coach! Interact with teammates on and off the field to build camaraderie and become a better team. Run, kick, pass, and dribble as your team competes in local tournaments and work your way up from beginner to pro levels!

Specifics: I created a 3D dialog system for the story sequences between matches, which is now part of Powerhead's core library. I set up conditions, targets and triggers for the game's tutorials. I set up checks to keep track of conditions for the game's trophies, as well as handling the saving of the trophies and displaying the right trophies on the trophy menu using menu triggers. I created a penalty shootout minigame to handle tiebreaking in the game. I also set up the in-game GUI and sound effect handling.


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