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Sims 3: Pets


Edge of Reality Games
6500 River Place Blvd Bldg 5 Ste 300, Austin TX, 78730
2/11 - 9/11

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Release Date: October 21 2011

System: XBox 360, PS3

My Role: Gameplay Engineer

Game Summary: Control up to 6 sims, including cat and dog sims, in the town of Sugar Maple Coast. Meet their needs, solve mysteries around town, and generally have fun interacting your sims with one another and the town.

Specifics: We started with The Sims 3 engine. The major addition was cats and dogs as fully controllable sims, and all the interactions that comes with them. I wrote an event/timer based tutorial system, that sets tutorials to run when their timers run out, but cancels various tutorials before you see them if the system detects that you already know what it would be showing you. I also added a few new pet-specific interactions. Most of the project was spent debugging the core engine that we started with, as it was initially written with the PC in mind, not the consoles.


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