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Champions Online: Free for All


Cryptic Studios
980 University Ave, Los Gatos CA, 95032
7/12 - 7/14

Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment

Release Date: September 1 2009

System: PC

My Role: Core Programmer

Game Summary: Champions Online: Free for All delivers furious, fast-paced encounters previously reserved for action and fighting games. No more boring auto attacks and lengthy recharge times. Champions Online: Free for All combat is instantaneous and electrifying!

Specifics: The game is a super hero themed MMO. Being an MMO, the designers need to create a large quantity of content to fill the world. My role was primarily to handle the game's tools. All code has bugs, and the high use of the tools exposed plenty of them, allowing me to fix what I could. In addition to bug fixes, optimizations were often necessary, as you want to minimize the time spent by designers on waiting for their machines to complete tasks. I came to Cryptic after Champions had been out for quite a while, so more of my work has been primarily for the other titles, but every improvement I make for one game makes them all better, and despite it's age there's constantly new content being released for Champions, since there are still plenty of people who are enjoying the game, which means that tools support is still important.


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