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Powerhead Games
15 West 28th St, Suite 400, NY, NY 10001
2/06 - 5/09

Publisher: Ubisoft

Release Date: November 30, 2006

System: Nintendo DS

My Role: Additional Programming

Game Summary: Your local animal Adoption Center has many kittens in need of a loving home. Once you take a kitten home, keep her/him happy and healthy with good food and fun toys. You'll be able to earn extra Kitty Coinz by helping out your neighbors Haley and Brandon with their kittens. Use Coinz to dress up your kitten and buy greatstuff for your home!

Specifics: I created the game's e-mail, quest and reward systems, which were all very closely tied to one another. In the process, I also had to stitch together all the separate subsystems of the game, allowing them to talk to my systems and to one another.


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